Spring Fair 2018 - Chris Fox
Chris Fox

Wishes of Cudworth/Gift Shop Hub

Chris Fox is a 37 old graphic designer from Chesterfield, Derbyshire. A rock music lover (vinyl collecting is a new obsession), cake/biscuit connoisseur (Granola bars are a current favourite) and all round geek (He always gets way to excited when anything Star Wars/Dr Who related comes into the shop).

He works for Wishes an independent greeting card and gift shop in Cudworth, Barnsley (South Yorkshire) owned and run by Julia Keeling. As well as restocking the biscuits supplies (of which he has eaten) he also produces their point of sales (posters, leaflets, stickers), website design (check us out at www.wishesofcudworth.co.uk) and social media (Twitter, Instagram and www.facebook.com/wishesofcudworth). Having a background in design helps but promoting an independent shop still has been taxing and he’s still learning everyday.

As well as his work for Wishes of Cudworth, Chris has a monthly column in Greetings Today Magazine and runs his new blog; Gift Shop Hub. A friendly resource centre for independent shops, small businesses and artists. Offering advice and tips on how best to use online marketing to promote your business. www.giftshophub.co.uk

He also has a love of Terry Prachett, Game of Thrones, jogging down the local canal and Sunday day trips to craft fairs/antique centres. With Julia he owns two pet rabbits called Molly and Pedro (Molly's very cute but sometimes a tinker; she likes to run into the neighbour’s garden given half a chance).
Twitter: @wishescudworth

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